Do you feel lost or feel that something is missing in your life? Have you been trying to find your purpose in life?

Do you want to know what you're capable of?

Maybe you want a more fulfilling life, but you're not sure what to do or how to achieve it. I know so many people who walk through life, feeling numb but can’t change their lives as they feel paralyzed. When you don't know what your purpose is you wander around feeling lost, lose hope and eventually find it hard to move forward.

Do not worry; you are not alone in this. Trust me; I have been there. I suffered immensely on many levels before finding my purpose. I have dealt with the same issues you are facing today, and I believe that sometimes in life we all need a little push in the right direction.

More about Petal

I was stuck in the mud and could not move forward in life. I would often think to myself "I need to make a change" but came up with hundreds of reasons for not doing so. Two main reasons, a single mother with a teenager son and fear played a big role, keeping me at a standstill for many years. I felt helpless, and I tried to numb the pain by keeping myself extremely busy. I focus on raising my son and working lots of hours, I felt trapped in the corporate world. However, no matter how many projects or jobs I changed the feeling of being stuck and lost followed me everywhere. The monotonous routine got hold of me, and I became very ill and exhausted. That event was a wake-up call for me and compelled me to change the direction of my life as soon as possible.  


I decided to quit my job and embarked on a journey with the hope to find myself and discover my life's purpose. I remember distinctly that day I came home and told my son. My son said to me, and I quote "Wow I Finally Got My Mom Back" tears were flowing, and at that moment I got my confirmation that I made the right decision.

The Journey

I felt the need to drive with no destination in mind, and my son went to live with his dad. I packed my car and started driving. I visited many cities and met some amazing people from all walks of life and had some stimulating conversations. Along the way, I had some interesting experience and even though at one point I was going to die. However, it wasn’t my time, and I felt in my soul there must be something I could do with Passion, Love, and Purpose. I would read many books, participated in class and programs, did healing and meditated for several hours daily. After about a year of relentless search, I knew I could change my life, and so I became my Coach.

The awakening

I thought the best place to start is with this question “Who is Petal” I didn't have an answer. I started some major clean up, my beliefs, my actions, my perceptions and it changed everything. As I got to discover myself, I fell in love and forgive myself for all the things and made peace with myself. Gradually my life started shifting, and I got confirmation of my purpose, and on some level, I was doing it for most of my life. I found things I was not searching for or so I thought at the time.  I met my soulmate, got married and we are blessed with a baby girl. Since then I have grown on so many levels, and I am very grateful for every experience as it has made me unique as a person and then as a Coach.

Petal Nedved

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